Thursday, March 14, 2013


<sigh> It's been one of those years. They were off the hook today so I let those who followed the rules paint after lunch while those who received several (thousand) reminders had to write and draw about the right way to do things at school. I had 14 painters and 13 writers. Yes, it was 50/50. Yes, I have 27 kids. Yes, I had wine when I got home.
I have been at this for 13 years.  I'm not a new K teacher.  It's just one of those groups that just can't listen to save their lives needs a lot of extra bribes reminders/support.  They can't control their impulses.  There is one child who pretty much drives the atmosphere and he is not identified as special needs so I get virtually no support with him.  It's exhausting.  To top it off, my district went to a 26 class size this year.  I got an extra one.  Swell.  We don't have aides so it's just me and nearly thirty little ones from 8 to 2:15.  Did I mention the wine?
I really never used to complain about my job.  I still love my job.  But this year....I surrender! 

My biggest challenge is making sure we are still focused on the positive.  That those who do follow the rules don't get overlooked or feel under-appreciated.  And that the others learn to look to them as an example.  It can be hard.  When you're reading a story and you're interrupted on nearly every page by a blurt or behavior that distracts everyone else.  It's hard to remember to say, "Thank you, Joey, for having your eyes on the page and your listening ears working." instead of, "Quit making that noise, Sam!"   But it does work better.  

So onward and forward!  No one ever died from being annoyed, right?

Friday, March 1, 2013

Cats and Hats

Did you celebrate Dr. Seuss' birthday this week?  I usually have at least one entire day devoted to it, but I just couldn't find the time this year.  So we just did a couple simple things today and it was still a lot of fun.  Also, the group I have this year does not do well when things are too...shall we  They do not see or comprehend the fine line between having fun and being completely crazy, know what I mean?  Yeah.  I know you do.

Today we read The Cat in the Hat and did a directed drawing of the cat.  I think they turned out cute.  When they finished, I told the kids to write some --at words.  Then, we made a hat to wear and on each stripe was an --at word.  I didn't take pictures of the hats, but they were super simple and the kids looked really cute walking around in them.

Later, we read and watched a DVD of Green Eggs and Ham.  It was a much simplified version of my past Seuss days, but sometimes you just can't squeeze everything in!  I had a sub yesterday so I could attend a Common Core training so today was a bit of a catch-up day as well.  And yet another reason I didn't want to do anything too crazy!

If you want the directions to do the drawing: CLICK HERE

TGIF!   Have a GREAT weekend!