Friday, January 4, 2013

Tablet For The Teacher & Snowman CVC Freebie

ACK!  Vacation is almost over!  Where I work, teachers go back this Monday, Jan.7 for an inservice and students return on Tuesday.  It has been a great break, though.  It's so nice to have time to relax, sleep in, and get things done that normally have to wait! 

We have spent a good deal of our break cleaning, packing, and purging our house for our move in February.  While it wasn't a fun way to spend our time, I am thankful we had the time to do that outside of work!  Now for the next several weekends we will continue to hopefully reduce our "stuff" and get packed up.  We are moving to a nice, big, beautiful house so it will be a wonderful change once we've accomplished the work that lies ahead.

I have been thinking about the return to school and what to do those first few groggy days back.  Our new theme is "Animals" so I usually cover forest animals as well as penguins.  And even though it doesn't snow here in the Bay Area (hardly ever), we will do some fun snowman activities to "Winter-ize" our classroom.  I made that word up, but it should be a real word, don't you think?!  ;-)

So here is a fun Snowman CVC Freebie for you.  I am going to do these on blue construction paper and give the kids white crayons when they're done to add snowy details.
If you download it, please follow me and leave me some snowy LOVE in the form of a comment!  Thanks!

Also, have you heard about the "Tablet for the Teacher Sweepstakes" going on at Teacher's Notebook?  Click on the banner at the top of my blog for more information.  You can enter once per day from Jan. 5-31!  Good luck!

And I will leave you on this note, a joke shared with me by my 7 year-old yesterday:  What does a frog like to drink with his hamburger?    CROAK-a-Cola!

Yep.  I love vacation!